If you like puzzle games and words then you will be delighted by Outspell. In order to play you will need a minimum of experience with scrabble games, being very similar to them involving a good strategy and knowledge of vocabulary. Even if it's similar at first glance to other puzzle games, you'll be surprised by some fun twists. Outspell Words can be played in three levels of difficulty, choose what is comfortable for you, but also can practice until you can get comfortable with this game and its score which makes it especially for other word games. The nice part of the game is that you can always change some of the letter tiles.

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Solve the puzzle in the correct order to beat the game.
Level up your intelligence with combination of letters.
spelling bee
How many words can you create with 7 letters?

How To Play This Outspell Words Game

I recommend you to practice a little to get used to the game. If it is not the first time then you do not need instructions, just select the difficulty and start the game. My advice is to start from the middle of the table to the cells with the highest scores. Create small or large but correct words and place them in the desired direction. Do not hesitate to use the available options as well as the dictionary for a better preparation.

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Educate your vocabulary by playing scrabble online.
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Remove as many rows by creating chosen words.
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It all comes down to words created with intelligence.
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Be an expert and find the right words inside this table.

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