Try this word game from the New York Times Games called Spelling Bee and put your language skills to work in an educational way. Practice your ability to find words among the seven letters arranged inside the honeycomb. It's not that simple and yet you can try different variations of answers. For each word you will be scored accordingly.


Don't try to cheat, just think carefully about what words you can create without resorting to other sources. Spelling bee will challenge you every time but you can rearrange the letters to change perspective.

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Spelling Bee - Word Game

Play spellig bee online now with your classmates, show them what you know and that your language dictionary is developed. Playing spelling bee can be a competition or just a relaxation for you in your free time. Spelling bee is very simple to play, you have to frame one important rule, the letter in the center of the honeycomb must be present in any word you compose. Also you can only use the words exposed in the hexagons given. You can delete or rearrange whenever you want, use your imagination and find the most hidden words that will earn you points. The longer a word is, the higher the score for the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee has become a popular game throughout the online community, promoted by the NY Times in their category of puzzle games they have available. You can also find more puzzle games or words on our website

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