If you are a food lover then this game will fit you very well. Food combined with word game results phoodle for foodies, interesting word game from food area. If you compare this game with wordle you can see that are similar, the only thing different is that the words are exclusive to the culinary field.


Wordle phenomenon Phoodle online is here for you to test your culinary and language skills. You will have every day new models to solve, that's the beauty of this game, every day something interesting to put your mind to task.

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Phoodle - Wordle For Foodies

This every day word puzzle Phoodle game uses only English words, so every culinary word you know must be represented in English. This cooking quiz includes terms from several categories such as food related, famous foods, ingredients and more. The aim of this Phoodle game is to connect two different passions, that of word games and food knowledge, which has made it very popular among Internet users. Phoodle it's easy to play, but there are also advanced rules that make this game more challenging and interesting.

Phoodle is a very fun game, and it's easy to play. You just need two things to play: a computer with Internet access and any kind of web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). This game was created by a cooking enthusiast, cookbook author Julie Loria, so all the credit for this game goes to her, many thanks and we look forward to more beautiful versions.

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